Trump’s UN Ambassador Roasted For Being A Climate Change Denier

On Friday Donald Trump announced that he was nominating Kelly Craft, the current US Ambassador to Canada, to be the new U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, a role previously held by Nikki Haley.

As usual with a Trump pick there were problems from the get go, one glaring one being Craft’s apparent lack of understanding of climate change. In an interview Craft has gone on record saying she she appreciates and respects “both sides of the science,” a nonsensical stance.

Always nice to hear someone who could represent our country to the rest of the world spout false equivalences and promote pseudo-science about an almost universally agreed-upon issue that concerns the fate of the entire planet.

Very cool.

The above clip is bad enough but listen to the longer segment and she sounds like A TOTAL GODDAMN MORON, HOLY SMOKES.

Needless to say Craft’s empty-headed climate change stance brought immediate criticism and mockery from those paying attention.

Some pointed out that it’s important to follow the money. That sooty, sooty money.