Super Rude Dad Demands A Tutor Teach 2 Kids For The Price Of 1 And Um, No

Reddit user SpeedySneeze posted a perfect example of what’s known as a beggar being a chooser in the aptly named “Choosing Beggars” subreddit. This is a place where people post conversations they have with people who ask for them to do something free, and then acting haughty when they don’t get exactly what they want, even though, hello, they’re not even paying.

The text conversation was between a tutor (presumably female, as you’ll see at the end) and a girl named Emily, followed by Emily’s father texting the tutor, too.

Emily wanted to know if the tutor (who in this case is the Reddit user posting the screenshots) could do two teenagers for the price of one. While that wasn’t going to work for the tutor, she did offer to lower her price to $25 for each student.

But then Emily’s dad got involved.

He asked, again, if the tutor would take $35 for both students, and the tutor responded with the earlier offer.


In the end, because the tutor refused to add an extra kid into the tutoring session for absolutely no extra money, Emily’s dad called HER a “dumb bitch” and placed any blame for Emily failing directly onto the shoulders of the tutor.

Some people are so ridiculously entitled.

The commenters went to town on Emily’s awful dad.

Can’t afford herself…then fucking pay for your daughter mate. You’re not in highschool.—Awaythrewn

And people joked that the tutor should have pretended she thought the dad was calling Emily a “dumb bitch,” and that she should respond, “Aw, she’s not a dumb bitch, she’s just struggling in English is all.” (via SienteElBern).


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.