25 Funniest Tweets About Mueller’s Yuge Bombshell

Two piping hot memos were just filed, courtesy of the Mueller investigation, about central figures who helped and hindered the probe into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. One of them was the Southern District of New York’s sentencing guidelines for Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen. The other was Mueller’s (heavily redacted) memo detailing Trump’s former campaign manager’s lies to the Special Counsel’s Office in violation of his cooperation agreement.

The big headline out of the Cohen filing is that the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia seems to have (almost) pre-dated the Trump campaign’s existence. Michael Cohen told investigators that Trump directed him to reach out to Russian government officials as early as 2015.

Also, as Cohen previously indicated, Trump (or “Individual-1” as he’s referred to in the brief) directed him to commit campaign finance crimes in the course of covering up Trump’s affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

This contradicts the slapdash bullsh*t Giuliani was peddling on Fox News during one of his many half-cocked appearances:

The big headline out of the Manafort filing is that Trump’s former campaign chairman has been in contact with White House officials as recently as May of 2018, and lied about it. Mueller knows because he’s got the receipts.

According to Mueller’s filing, Manafort told “multiple discernible lies―these were not instances of mere memory lapses.” Whoops! Manafort breached his cooperation agreement by not only lying, but also by filling Trump’s defense team in on what the Special Counsel was up to, which is obviously, uh, “frowned upon.” All of this certainly suggests Manafort’s actions constitute a Hail Mary attempt at some sort of pardon for the federal crimes (he’s ineligible for a presidential pardon for state crimes, of which there are many). Trump has talked openly of pardoning Manafort in the past.

There were many jubilant reactions to the news, but the best probably came from the Colluder-in-Chief himself.