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Kid Hijacks ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ Performance To Sing ‘The Imperial March’ From ‘Star Wars’ In Viral Video

Who wants to hear a tired rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ when Darth Vader’s theme song is on the table?

Erin Gibson blessed our Twitter feeds when she posted a video of her cousin’s son hijacking the mic at a school performance to sing “The Imperial March,” Darth Vader’s theme from the Star Wars films. Audience members can be hard cracking up as they realize what is going on—even as the performers to his right and left look around, confused.

The little boy at one point swats away the girl to his right, who happens to be his older sister, mid-song as he feels her encroaching on his space.

(She quickly pivots her head in outrage, presumably towards her parents.)

In just three days’ time, Erin’s clip racked up over 8 million views, 612,000 likes, and nearly 138,000 retweets, all from people who’d become quick fans of the little boy.

Including Luke Skywalker himself, the indomitable Mark Hamill.

The little side arm swat was just a little TOO MUCH for Twitter to handle.

People truly couldn’t get enough.

We’ll leave you with this (sorry, not sorry):