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People Are Sharing Their ‘Worst’ Opinions Except Some Of These Are Actually Spot-On

As a learned philosopher once said: Opinions are like assh*les: Everyone’s got one and most of them stink.

(It was probably Aristotle.)

Now a Twitter user has opened up Pandora’s Box Of Bad Takes by asking the internet at large to share their most controversial but most deeply-held opinions, inviting bravery and bad taste in equal measure.

As requested people brought the fire..and the questionable takes.

…To be fair some actually made a lot of sense.

Others were unique but intriguing.

Others were truly shocking.

While some were just plain indefensible, like this pro-Peeps stance.

Or this anti-BBQ sauce diatribe.

Or this apparent dislike of eating outdoors.

Or this sacrilege.

Or this sadist.

Or this sheer and utter heresy.

In any case it was the perfect opportunity for haters to pounce, and pounce they did.

OK this one is just absurd.