Twitter Is Roasting The ‘Achomlishments’ On Trump’s Handwritten Notes

Covfefe…Hamberders…Smocking….Add another one to the pile.

As someone in a position of enormous power Donald Trump would get lampooned by the masses no matter what he did, but the fact that he’s a supremely vain and arrogant individual prone to constant boasting just makes his gaffes that much sweeter.

Trump has bragged about his “very good brain” so often that his many critics delight in pointing out when that brain appears to be on the fritz, as it does with his many, many spelling errors.

Trump’s latest executive flub was spotted by keen-eyed Twitter bandits who noticed that Trump’s handwritten notes for his Wednesday press conference contained the nonexistent word “achomlishments.”

It’s an especially potent self-own to misspell a word while attempting to diss your opponents and the complete sentence read: “Dems have no achomlishments [sic]”

The internet was not about to let such a vulnerable moment from President Goodbrain pass without comment.