Twitter Is Wigging Out Over Stephen Miller’s Spray-On Hair

Stephen Miller appeared on Face the Nation today to defend Trump’s border and immigration policies and people couldn’t help but notice his, for lack of a better term, “hair situation.”

The Trump senior adviser’s normally bare forehead was host to what appeared to be nothing other than spray-on hair of the type hawked on late-night infomercials in the ’80s as an instant, if extremely temporary and ugly, remedy for hair loss.

While most people would agree that criticizing someone for their appearance is wrong, people weren’t roasting Miller for balding, but rather for seemingly covering his head in pencil shavings before coming out to tell America, yet again, why poor, brown people are bad for the country.

Also people really hate Stephen Miller. From the Muslim ban to separating immigrants and their children at the border he’s seen as the evil mastermind behind many of Trump’s most xenophobic policies. The fact that he talks like an angry robot and looks like Goebbels probably doesn’t help.

1. The most common reaction was surprise. People couldn’t believe what they were seeing.







8. Some wanted to focus on the issues.


10. Others insisted that they wouldn’t roast Miller for his hair if they didn’t already hate his guts.