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Everyone Is Sobbing At This Driver’s Viral Thread About A 78-Year-Old Grandma Coming Out

‘I teared up’: Cab driver details the emotional conversation she had with a 78-year-old passenger who came out as gay and then confessed she is in love with her female best friend

Sometimes the world needs love, sweet love, and we’ve got your wholesome content for the day. A Twitter used shared a beautiful story about driving an elderly passenger, who shared a deep secret about being in love with her childhood friend. The story has gone viral, just in time for the Cancer season eclipse. Yes, this will make you misty, so grab your tissues now, and settle in for a heartwarming queer elderly love story.

Twitter user @Al0haNani, or Nani, is a driver for an unnamed taxi or rideshare service. She describes picking up an older woman, who is 78 years old (we’ll call her Grandma Tender, for simplicity’s sake).

Grandma Tender must have gotten the vibe that Al0haNani was a safe person to open up to, because she asked her if she’d “ever been with a woman.” Nani was understandably taken aback by the question.

But Grandma Tender really wanted to know what queer sex is like — and Nani was happy to oblige a questioning mind.

Grandma Tender was obviously very intrigued, and said that no man had ever made her feel that way, even her ex-husbands. Straight women everywhere totally understand this sentiment. She then explained that her best friend, whom she’s in love with and is also her roommate, also fulfills her emotionally. Sadly, Grandma Tender lamented how difficult it is for her cohort to accept fluid sexualities.

But then a beautiful thing happened. As Nani was dropping Grandma Tender off at home, and her friend comes out to help her into the house. Grandma Tender’s friend, who has no idea about the conversation in the car, tells her “I couldn’t imagine having anybody else to end this life with. You’re my favorite person.” And Grandma Tender finally told her friend what she’s been so afraid to say: “I love you.”

As you can imagine, it began raining on everyone’s faces. Other Twitter users expressed their emotions about this story, with some relating their experiences with queer sex and love.


We may never know if Grandma Tender’s love is reciprocated, or if these two elderly ladies ride off into the sunset together, but either way, we’re hoping for the best. Everyone deserves love, and everyone deserves to live their life authentically and true to who they are. It’s never too late to tell someone you love them, even if you’re Grandma Tender’s age.