Reporter’s Viral Twitter Thread Lays Out Trump’s White Nationalist Plan

Adam Davidson, a staff writer for the New Yorker, took to Twitter on Tuesday to illustrate just exactly how Donald Trump is trying to “turn America into a white Ethnostate.”

In a series of tweets, Davidson lays out the racist plan that Trump is following, and states that reporting on Trump in any other way is not being objective.

Davidson explains that blaming George Soros is a central part of the plan, and then goes about laying out the details of the argument that white nationalists use, which is basically that “people can only form society with their¬†closer kin.”

Davidson explains that by 2046, white people will be a minority in America. That will supposedly lead to a civil war of sorts, because the way white nationalists see things, people who are not exactly like each other are not able to form societies.

The solution to this, according to these white nationalists, is to “slow down minority growth” by deporting people, denying them citizenship, and closing the borders to people who aren’t white. Sound familiar?

Then Davidson explains that white nationalists have an inner debate about whether Jewish people count as white.

Davidson implores reporters who cover Trump to become familiar with the arguments of white nationalists and with their vocabulary.

Davidson ends this important thread by asking that journalists learn all about the white nationalism plan, in order to report on it accurately. It’s a horrible thing to have to write about, but it’s their duty as journalists to be able to explain what is really going on at the heart of Trump’s plan.

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.