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Target’s New ‘Women’s Laxative’ Is Exactly The Same As Regular But Costs Twice As Much

What is it with brands creating separate versions of their products marketed only towards women? Our bodies are really not that different from men’s (besides the obvious).

We’ve had chips for women, whiskey for women, pens for women (we can hold regular pens, okay??) and recently one woman tweeted a picture of laxatives for women.

The woman, who goes by @BUGPOSTING on Twitter, snapped a picture of a pink box of Up & Up (a brand owned by Target) “Women’s Gentle Laxative Tablets” right next to a green box of their “Gentle Laxative Tablets.”

The difference? Well, except for the color of the pill (pink vs. beige), they look exactly the same. They both contain 25 5-mg tablets of bisacodyl, a stimulant laxative. But the ones “for women” cost $3.69, compared to just $1.49 for the regular stuff.

This is a perfect example of what’s called “the pink tax” and refers to the fact that products (like razors, shampoo, and clothing) and services (think dry-cleaning) for women tend to be more expensive than the ones for men.

Someone on Twitter pointed out that the pink ones have a “comfort coating” that keeps them from irritating the stomach lining.

But if they’re just for more sensitive stomachs, why not say “sensitive” instead of “women’s”?

Someone else brought up that Target had made a whole deal of about getting rid of gendered signage.

And, of course, there were a buttload (ahem) of jokes about the laxatives.

And others joked about the brand’s name in relation to the desired end result of using the product.

Someone made the interesting point that women are statistically more likely to suffer from IBS.

But it would still work just fine to say “for sensitive stomachs.” Because men can be sensitive, too.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.