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Uber Driver Helps Woman Escape A Creepy, Aggro Guy By Pretending To Be Her Boyfriend

It turns out that your friendly neighborhood rideshare driver can do a lot more than just get you from point A to point B. They can also help keep you safe by providing a quick exit from a dangerous situation. One Uber driver did exactly that to help a woman get away from a creepy guy.

Uber driver Brandon Gale received a unique request from a recent passenger: Pretend to be her boyfriend.

He shared a Facebook post, which has now gone viral, detailing how a woman asked him to pretend that he knew her when he went to pick her up. He writes:

Last night, while driving for Uber, I got a call to pick up a woman from over by the fair. About 30 seconds after accepting the ride, the rider sent me a message via the app.

“When you get here, can you pretend to be my boyfriend?”

I didn’t know to what capacity she meant, so I asked, “What do you mean?”. She then said, “I just need you to act like you know me, and that you’re not my Uber driver.”


Gale didn’t question her anymore and agreed to her plan. He even removed the Uber and Lyft decals from his car before he picked her up.

Then, when he got to the pickup spot, he used a little improv acting to really sell the fact that he was her boyfriend. He writes:

When I got there, I had my window rolled down. A man and a woman were in the front yard, talking. The woman was my fare and she set the scene immediately. She looked over and yelled, “Hi, Babe! I’ll be right there!” I didn’t want to leave her hanging, so i shouted back, “Awesome, because I’m starving!” I waved at the guy. He half-assedly waved back.

The ruse was complete. Thanks to me. The Mayor of Yes-And City.

Once the woman was in Gale’s car, she explained the whole scary situation to him, including how she was being followed by a guy who “wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

He writes:

Once we got out of the guy’s sight, she told me the rest of her story. She went to the fair with a bunch of friends. In that group of friends was a guy that was very forward with her and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He also had a history of being very aggressive. She thought that she could leave him behind by heading to her car, but he followed her, claiming to be a gentleman. Before they got to her car, she claimed to have lost her keys. He offered to give her a ride, and that’s when she decided to call her “boyfriend”.

Gale told this story to remind people to respect other people’s boundaries and “take responsibility for your actions.”

He writes:

This should never have had to happen. Men, learn to accept the word “no” as a response. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. Our sons are watching you and they’re learning how to treat the women in their lives by example. Lead by a better one.

Ladies, if you have the Uber or Lyft app, and you need an exit strategy, use the messaging system within the app. You can make special requests that could possibly save your life.

You can check out Gale’s full Facebook post below:

UPDATE: Thank you for helping to get the word out. More people need to know that you can use the Uber and Lyft apps to...

Posted by Brandon Gale on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

People commented on Gale’s post with all kinds of praise.

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Gale set an excellent example of how we should all always look out for each other.