17 Uber Horror Stories From People Who Gave Their Drivers One Star


Uber driver was visibly drunk. Not blackout drunk, but it was obvious he was having a hard time staying in his lane. He kept veering over the yellow line, then would jerk the wheel the other way, nearly running us off the road a few times. He also had an open can of bud light in his cupholder. I had him drop me off a few blocks from my actual destination because I didn’t wanna die that night, rated him 1 star, and reported him. Not sure if anything came from it. — dailydonuts16


She was simultaneously driving for Lyft and picked up another passenger completely out of our way. Then proceeded to brag about how she picked up some high school kids earlier and they had their destination set to the liquor store where she bought them liquor. — IronSavage3


He refused to acknowledge my presence and kept asking my husband if he thought it was fine that he (the driver) wanted to take a 2nd wife because he believed men should be happy. My husband was not about that at all and said that if he wanted a second wife, she deserved a second husband and the driver flipped out and told us that men deserve more than women and that she should be fulfilled by taking care of his children. It was incredibly surreal, uncomfortable and demeaning. So yeah, a big complaint was filed with Lyft. EDIT: he specifically said he did not believe in divorce and wanted multiple wives because it was normal in his religion. I’m also the person that ordered and paid for the ride and he actually “shush”ed me several times for chiming in. — moody_cutie


Immediately when I got in the car, I was hit by an incense-y smell that was so strong it gave me an instant headache. She spent the whole ride trying to get me to join her essential oil down line in a well-known oil MLM. I declined politely and then firmly (I thought). We got to my destination and my head was pounding. She stopped and locked the doors. She told me that she wasn’t going to let me out until I gave her my email address. I kind of chuckled and unlocked my door and she immediately locked it again. Then she pressed child lock so that when I tried to open the door it didn’t budge. I was shocked and scared, and she repeated that I had to give her my email address and handed me a notepad and pen. I made one up and dashed out of there. Immediately reported her.

A coupe of weeks later she somehow found me on Facebook and sent a friend request. Needless to say I blocked her. —ThisIsJezebelInHell


I was taking an uber home from the airport. The ride was perfect and he even insisted on dropping my baggage to the front door. Awesome. He then asked if he could use the restroom really quick and of course I obliged. He wasn’t in there for more than three minutes, but when I went to wash my hands after, I found my bathroom destroyed. Shit was all over the toilet seat and just fucking everywhere. I really wish he had just taken more than a minute and shat like a normal human being but the dude must have had a leaky butthole because there was shit on my walls too. A one star review was the bare minimum I think. — bootysurfer20


I was on a work trip in another city, riding in to my first shift at around 5am. We were having a casual conversation and he asked whether I had a boyfriend (I said yes). As we were pulling into the empty parking lot (no one else was there yet), and I was trying to figure out which of the buildings I was supposed to be in, he asked if I would go get a coffee with him instead. I said no, and told him I thought it was the building straight ahead, but he turned the other way and started circling the parking lot. He said something about no one else being there yet so I should just get coffee with him, and I said no again and asked him to just stop and let me out and I would find my way by foot. He let me out but then pulled into a parking spot and lingered there until sometime after I found my way in. — BiBiAstronaut


Rode in the front due to number of passengers. She shifted into P every time we were stopped at a light. Then proceeded to tell us about her abusive exes and about how now she carries a loaded handgun in her purse, which was by my feet. Because if she ever runs into that last ex, she’s gonna shoot him. — tinysmommy

From now on I’ll consider myself lucky if a Lyft driver just makes annoying conversation, because it could obviously be so much worse.