Alt-Right Troll Attacks Parkland Teens, Regrets It Immediately

A washed-up comedian and alt-right figurehead got bounced off of Twitter today following a bizarre Twitter meltdown where he attacked Parkland teenage activists.

Owen Benjamin is a piano-playing comedian who became an alt-right, racist, anti-feminist Twitter troll. You probably haven’t heard of him (because he’s not very funny), although he was briefly engaged to Christina Ricci.

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Here’s a sample of the brilliant comedic insights featured in his comedy:

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

Benjamin’s schtick on Twitter was making plainly offensive statements masquerading as “jokes” and then angrily arguing with anyone who called him out for being a jerk.

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Sounds like a funny guy, right??

On his YouTube account, he used to post clips from his stand-up shows but recently he’s started posting hours-long anti-liberal screeds complaining about everything from feeling emasculated by feminism to why he’s definitely not racist.

If you’re failing to see the comedy in calling Mandela a jerk, welcome to the club!

Like many alt-right trolls whose fragile minds have been shattered by the Parkland students advocating for gun control, Benjamin recently lashed out the teenagers in a bizarre rant that earned him a ban from Twitter:


Actually funny people on Twitter celebrated the ban:

After initially crowing about how he doesn’t need sponsors and daring the teens to boycott him, Benjamin is now begging for donations on Facebook:


If Benjamin wanted his Twitter account to stay open, he shouldn’t have violated their terms of service by tweeting out hateful, offensive messages. Hopefully he’ll set aside some of those donations to pay for some therapy.

But hey, maybe Donald Trump Jr., who was following the comedian until his ban, will chip in a few bucks!