Trump Misspells ‘Forest’ As ‘Forrest’, Unleashes Forrest Gump Memes

In a tweet on Wednesday that was audacious even by his standards, President Trump threatened to cut off federal aid to California for combatting forest fires if the state didn’t change its forest management methods.

In fact, from the wording, Trump may have already done so:

It’s not just an extremely unreassuring thing to hear from your nation’s leader during an on-going government shutdown…it’s also batsh*t crazy.

Trump is quite literally threatening to let California burn.

2018 marked the deadliest and most destructive year of wildfires ever recorded in California with over 80 people losing their lives in the Camp Fire alone and billions of dollars in damages.

People were not impressed by Trump’s threats…or his knowledge of the issue.

It’s the kind of disgraceful thing that it’s impossible to imagine any other president saying. Try to picture Jimmy Carter giggling: “Let them burn! Let them all burn!!!”

You can’t.

Some keen-eyed Twitter users also pointed out that Trump misspelled the word forest as “Forrest” initially and had to delete and repost his tweet.

This in turn sparked a wave of “Forrest Trump” memes.

Even got a roast in.

Though not everyone thought it was an accurate comparison.