Unhinged Woman In MAGA Hat Harasses Reporter In Viral Video

The more popular disses conservatives reserve for liberals are laughable when we consider how hypocritical they actually are.

Several days ago, conservative radio host Ben Shapiro threw a fit when The Economist mislabeled him as a member of the “alt-right,” despite his staunch refusal to use people’s preferred pronouns.

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is notorious for calling liberals “snowflakes” in mockery of their supposed sensitivity, yet was caught on tape a week ago in Austin, TX, cursing and loudly shouting at a restaurant after enduring some mild heckling from other diners.

Fox News—an organization claiming to be the only harbinger of truth in today’s media landscape—pipes actual fake news directly into the ears of President Donald Trump on a daily basis.

And Donald Trump’s fans, those MAGA extremists who wear the red hat and claim to be the voice of truth and reason…do this:

In a video posted by Michael Gordon, a TV reporter for KVIA ABC-7 News, a female Trump supporter is seen racing over to the camera while screaming “Hi fake news!” repeatedly. Gordon keeps remarkably cool and professional throughout the entire length of the 30-second clip as the woman continues to yell, taunt him, and brandish a sign that reads ‘CNN = Fake News.’

“You’re fake! You spread fake news, you should be ashamed of yourself!” she continues to scream at the back of the journalist’s head as he cooly looks into the camera and does an audio test. “Trump 2020!” the woman chants at the end of the video.

(It’s worth noting that Gordon is clearly a reporter for ABC, not CNN.)

There’s a (cuss-filled) part two:

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta retweeted the video and asked, “How is this appropriate behavior?”

This sort of behavior is a direct result of Donald Trump’s vocal castigation of the press as “the enemy of the American people“—a statement that has resulted in bombs being sent to news rooms and prominent Democrats across the nation, as well as the mass shooting that took the lives of five people in Annapolis’ Capital Gazette newsroom last June.

Though Trump has repeatedly denied responsibility for inciting violence across America, a growing body of research has found a direct correlation between his hateful rhetoric and instances of violence and assault.

Last fall, ABC News identified 17 criminal cases “where Trump’s name was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault.” A study reported by the Washington Post a week ago found a 226 percent uptick in hate crimes in counties that hosted Trump campaign rallies in 2016.

And a record number of hate groups were recorded in 2018, growing rapidly since Trump’s time in office.

The connection between Donald Trump and violence is clear. And if this woman is an example of the average Trump supporter, we may be in more trouble than originally thought.

The hypocrisy would be funny if it wasn’t so scary.

She must be dealing with a helluva lot of economic anxiety 🙁

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