Unvaccinated Teens Are Seeking Advice On Reddit On How To Get Their Immunizations Behind Their Parent’s Backs

There are many individuals who believe different things about vaccinations across the United States. On one side of the debate, vaccinations have been known to ward off illnesses and protect children all around the world from serious diseases and sicknesses. On the other side, there are those that believe vaccinations do more harm than good, and even those who believe that vaccinations can cause impairments and defects.

While everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, it becomes a different conversation when your beliefs put your child—and other children—at risk for infections, illnesses, and even death. Therefore, there are many children and teenagers are seeking advice from others on how they can get their vaccinations done behind their parent’s backs. One teen wrote to Reddit for legal advice, stating he wanted to get vaccinations done but did not want to conduct anything illegal.

Many people responded with some solid advice. A lot of people told the Reddit user that forging their parent’s signature is, in fact, illegal. Therefore, they thought that waiting until the teen turned 18-years-old is the right answer.

While it sucks, it is the sad reality that our parents are in charge of our decisions until we are 18, an adult. And, it’s a sad reality to see that many kids who do want vaccines cannot get them because of their parent’s ignorance.