UPS Started An Accidental Group Chat So Everyone On It Decided To Get A Drink Together

Group texts are hell but, as a group of mail recipients in Brooklyn recently discovered, sometimes going through hell is the only way to get to heaven.

The caper kicked off when UPS sent out a text informing people of the pickup location for their packages…but instead of sending out individual texts the company accidentally group texted the entire neighborhood, leaving people with the ability to reply to everyone.

Thanks to that fat-finger error a bunch of strangers were now awkwardly thrown together into a dreaded group text. It could have been terrible. But somehow it wasn’t.

The text recipients embraced the hilarity of the situation and their new found UPS brotherhood.

One of the lucky recipients, comedian Deno DeMartino, decided to document the incident in a Twitter thread.

First they decided to form a band…then a podcast.

Then they decided to meet up in person to cement their parcel service based friendship.

The media soon took notice.

And the whole group text gang met up in meatspace.

Because this happened in New York, and in Brooklyn no less, and in hip-as-hell Bushwick no less, many of the recipients were Extremely Online and tagged themselves in the thread.

Their names for the group are a little on the nose. Flat-Rate Fam or Package Posse would have been preferable.

Still it’s all very wholesome.