Woman Posts Video Of MAGA Boys Harassing Her Before The Nathan Phillips Incident

A young woman posted a video Monday of a group of white boys in MAGA hats yelling incoherently at her and her friends, alleging that they were the same kids who surrounded and harassed Nathan Phillips and other Native American individuals on Saturday. After the release of additional footage and a statement by one of the boys, some are attempting to exonerate the boys from Covington Catholic high school based on the fact that a couple men from a fringe religious group shouted abuse at them.

According to the woman, who simply goes by “linds” on Twitter, her video offers evidence that the boys were down to harass people before any encounter with Black Israelites.

The Covington Catholic students were bussed to the nation’s capital from Kentucky to take part in the March for Life, a pro-life, anti-abortion march that was, as Sarah Silverman put it, a real sausage fest. It’s difficult to say for sure if the hollering boys in this latest video are the same as the ones seen mocking and jeering at Nathan Phillips, but they appear young, white, and to be wearing the red MAGA caps. In all their shouting, the only thing that can be clearly made out is “MAGA,” which the woman taking the video mocks.

The woman who posted the video then comments what we’re all thinking and feeling this Monday: “I’m so tired already.”

It’s not a stretch to say that boys from Covington Catholic High School have exhibited a pattern of harassment and worse behavior based in racism, sexism, and homophobia. Former students of color from Covington Catholic report enduring racist abuse, sometimes to the point of having to change schools. Photos of students in blackface and giving the new “white power” sign have surfaced, as has a report that a former student is accused of choking and raping a woman until she bled.

Predictably, certain individuals who appear to really want to deny racism and sexism have been demanding that “linds” provide a longer video and context. However, there isn’t much more to say about the incident of clear street harassment.

It’s apparently too much to ask that people believe women and Native Americans on the day of the Women’s March and the Indigenous People’s March. What else is new?

At least some people get it.

It’s going to be a long week.