Viral Video Shows Walk Of Shame Women Must Endure To Enter Kentucky’s Last Abortion Clinic

Recent legislation in states like Alabama and Kentucky has put the right to an abortion under enormous threat, with laws that prohibit abortion after six weeks or ban it outright.

The draconian moves are expected (and intended) to trigger a Supreme Court challenge to Roe v. Wade that would affect the right to choose nationwide.

In Kentucky, while Gov. Matt Bevin has signed a law banning abortion after six weeks, one solitary clinic still has a license to perform abortions at the current time. But abortion opponents make women’s ability to access that clinic incredibly difficult.

Now This News has put together a video of what women in Kentucky have to deal with in order to access the state’s only remaining abortion clinic and it’s a harrowing spectacle.

In the video the patient seeking an abortion is covered with a coat, presumably to protect her identity, and volunteers wearing neon vests labeled “Pro Choice Clinic Escort” walk her to the door of the clinic.

Meanwhile anti-abortion zealots shout and preach at the prospective patient though loudspeakers and approach her saying things like “We can help you,” “Don’t kill your baby,” and even claiming “We’ll adopt your baby.”

Meanwhile the loudspeaker/loudpreacher bellows “YOUNG LADY! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MURDERER THIS MORNING!” and huge signs that read “ABORTION IS MURDER” looms.

It all has the effect of becoming a dehumanizing perp walk, a walk of shame, and a gauntlet of recrimination which is, of course, exactly the effect the anti-choice protesters were hoping to have.

People reacting to the viral video were horrified by the shame-based tactics on display.

We should be better than this.