Tomi Lahren Caught Lip-Syncing To Rapper After She Mocks His Deportation

Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage was arrested by ICE Sunday under the charge that he’s been staying in the U.S. on an expired Visa. 21 Savage, legally known as Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was born in the U.K.

Tomi Lahren didn’t waste any time celebrating the pointless arrest and future deportation hearings of a man who went unbothered for 13 years, tweeting a cringey parody of one of his songs.

If that secondhand embarrassment didn’t kill you, wait until you see the video that surfaced soon after showing Lahren lip-syncing the same 21 Savage song.

The host of Fox Nation has a long history of both hating immigrants and generally being racist. She is a vocal supporter of Trump’s proposed border wall in spite of the fact that no wall would have kept Abraham-Joseph out of the U.S. when he came here legally, and it certainly wouldn’t have kicked him out when his visa expired in 2006. A large number of undocumented immigrants are undocumented because their papers expired, but Lahren doesn’t let petty things like facts get in the way of her hating people of color, even as she enjoys the results of their gifts and labor.

A tweet saying she’s a fan of the music of a man who she definitely knows is an immigrant ages a tweet in which she’s all offended about the idea of immigrants being inspiring terribly.

He just said they were some of the most inspiring young adults he’d met so far, Tomi. Maybe anything that isn’t racist just looks like valuing immigrants over “Americans” to a racist person.

Since we all know that, Tomi’s excuses aren’t going to save her from the ratio.

Just focus on ignoring the fact that walls don’t work, Tammy Landgrab.