Viral ‘Conservative’ Homeless Ad Is Actually From A Trolling Street Artist, And There Are More

There is a picture of a sign supposedly created by a U.K. Conservatives council that has Twitter doubled over with horrified laughter. It’s addressing a pretty serious problem, which is a lack of accessible housing for people living in urban centers. It’s unclear where this sign is, my guess would be London. But it could really be anywhere that housing has become unaffordable. Which basically feels like everywhere?

Journalist Christian Borys posted an image of the “conservative” ad on Twitter, writing, “A team of people were paid to produce this.”

The sign features a Conservatives logo with the U.K. flag, and reads, “We plan to cut all homeless people in half by 2025.”

Say that out loud to yourself a couple times.

Some of the people who saw this said it’s clearly not real, since it appears to not quite fit the designated ad area and is a bit roughly placed:

That suspicious Twitter user was right! The images were made by a street artist named Foka Wolf, who considers themselves a “Professional Gobshite,” according to their Instagram bio. Their homeless cutting initiative is one of several phony conservative plans they’ve posted up around the city:

That’s some in-depth criticism of the Tory party that might fly over the average American’s head, if it weren’t so relatable. We have our own insane conservative party here, rolling back protections for the disabled, persecuting the homeless…and some of them probably have soft c*cks. I hope to never know for sure.

A couple of Foka Wolf’s points might be a bit extreme, but what’s really funny about them is how believable they are. Borys was fooled, it seems, or at least believed it was possible that the Conservative party paid someone to come up with such an idiotic slogan. That’s good satire.