Viral ‘Florida Man Challenge’ Has A Different Hilarious Result For Everyone

What is it about Florida that makes it such a cuckoo bananas place? The heat? The humidity? The swamps? We may never be able to pinpoint why, but it’s clear that something’s going on there because the state is like America’s Australia. It’s a location that happens to be the setting for a lot of truly outrageous news stories. The words “Florida man” (and “Florida woman,” let’s not leave out the ladies) occur together so often in bizarre headlines that there’s even a Twitter account (@FloridaMan) dedicated to posting the best of Florida’s incredible local news stories.

That guy who asked cops to test his meth in case it was “bad”? That was Florida. The woman who claimed a bag of cocaine was found in her purse because the wind blew it in there? Florida. Naked dude stealing a swan? Yup.

Student and Twitter user @g_pratimaaa posted a tweet making use of the natural hilarity of “Florida man” stories that quickly went viral. She urged everyone to Google “florida man” and the date of their birthday (no year) and see what came up. Seriously, do this. Right now, stop reading this (or okay, maybe wait until afterward) and Google it. It’s a great way to explore all that Florida has to offer in the way of weird news.

Lest people think she was taking credit for inventing the meme, she added another tweet explaining that she got the idea from a Tumblr post.

The results, while honestly horrific, are also pure gold.

Whatever’s handy.

They must have had a very violent imaginary relationship.

He was just holding them for someone.

What is it with Florida and swans?

Look, they are pretty annoying.

Cool, cool.

This guy was not set up well in life.

Also, what is it with Florida and naked crime? Yes, it’s hot, but come on.

Any port in a storm, I guess.

Even John Legend (a.k.a. Mr. Chrissy Teigen) got in on it.

On some days the results were too good to narrow down.

If at first you don’t find a strange Florida story on your birthday, just search a little more. It’s there.

One person tweeted that there was no Florida man article on their birthday, but another stranger kindly offered up theirs: “Florida man dressed as Fred Flintstone pulled over for driving ‘footmobile.'” Thanks, Florida!

And to be fair, not all of them were bad stories. Well, this one about a strip tease in a restaurantcould be terrible…

But this one about a man and his cat reuniting is undeniably heartwarming.

Unless he did something to the cat afterwards which I’m sure he didn’t but I’m just saying: Florida, man.

h/t: Someecards, @g_pratimaaa

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.