This Viral Thread Blows Up Every Myth About The Irrational Fear Of ‘Illegals’

Comedian and actor John Fugelsang decided to share a Christmas present with the world—a banger of a tweet thread blowing up some of the most pernicious myths about undocumented immigration.

Trump, the Republican Party, and right-wing media like to spread and exploit ignorance about this issue, so do yourself a favor and get educated.

1. He started by noting it’s the demand for cheap labor—not the supply of undocumented workers seeking to fill it—that’s actually to blame for people crossing the border.

2. Also, a lot of the people who are here without documentation are those who overstay visas, not those who come here to work.

Source: Center for Migration Studies

3. And, as you probably already know, native-born U.S. citizens commit crimes at higher rates than any immigrants.

Source: Cato Institute

4. Undocumented immigrants help shore up the social safety net, even though they can’t benefit from it directly.

5. Reagan issued a blanket amnesty once.


7. And speaking of “illegal”…


9. This pricetag might be an overstatement, but the point remains.


He went on to blow up more right-wing talking points about Democrats that—surprise, surprise!—are total bullsh*t…


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