This Viral Thread Explains Why The ‘Unedited’ Video Of That Protest Confrontation Is Even Worse

This weekend, social media was full of images and video of a confrontation between participants in the Indigenous Peoples’ March and students from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic school who were in D.C. for the March For Life Rally.

The initial video footage showed a Native American man banging a drum while a teen in a red MAGA hat stood just inches away from him, smiling smugly, while scores of other teens in MAGA hats and Covington Catholic gear jeered. Soon afterward, though, more footage emerged showing the events that led up to the confrontation. That footage has been hotly debated, and the student in the MAGA cap, Nick Sandmann, also issued a statement detailing what he said was his side of the story.

Analyst and writer Jodi Jacobson posted a thread about the other footage on Twitter explaining why she doesn’t see the unedited version of the footage as any sort of vindication of the students.

In the footage, Jacobson says, the Catholic students were “jeering and being rude” to four Black men who were also present on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Then the boys began to engage in behavior that made it look as though they were “mimicking apes.”

She also pointed out that the boys “swarmed all over” Mr. Phillips (the Native American Vietnam veteran who was drumming), “doing war whoops in his face.”

“So yeah,” Jacobson concludes, “There is a longer video. And it’s worse.”

Someone posted a picture of members of the Covington Catholic basketball team making white power signs and wrote, “There’s a pattern.”

Another person posted a picture of Covington Catholic students in blackface.

Jacobson tweeted that there was “unquestionably a mob mentality” and that the students’ racism was evident in their “tomahawk chops & whooping.”

Other Twitter users weighed in on the thread, sharing their opinions about the confrontation.

Clearly, this school has some serious issues.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.