Gay Man Absolutely Drags Relative Not Coming To Gay Wedding Because Of ‘Christian Values’

It’s strange how some Christians pick and choose which values they’re going to follow. There’s a whole lot of hate and intolerance that comes from a religion that’s supposed to be based on love.

One man’s tweet has gone viral for calling out those inconsistencies in Christian beliefs. The man, who goes by @TheDPGay on Twitter, posted some screenshots between himself and an aunt who he invited to his (gay) wedding, who hadn’t yet RSVP’ed.

He began by reaching out to his aunt to tell her that he hadn’t received her RSVP, and was wondering if she was planning on attending the wedding.

When his aunt responds that she isn’t going to come to the wedding because she’s Christian, the tweeter very politely wonders where those same Christian values were when she decided to have an abortion, which, as you know, most Christians do not approve of. Interesting to see how she can change her belief system when it benefits her, but use it as a shield to keep herself safe from something she fears and doesn’t understand, like homosexuality.

Even the tweeter’s mother was apparently fed up with her sister for being so small-minded.

Unfortunately, his aunt never got back to him after his message.

When he showed his mom his response to his aunt (her sister), she replied, “Nicely done.” As the tweeter pointed out, Thanksgiving is going to be…um…awkward this year.

People on Twitter reacted to the tweets with an outpouring of support. Well, some people were full of condemnation, but for the most part, the responses were kind and understanding.

As for the people who sided with the aunt, their main argument was that you can love someone and still not support their decisions. That may be true, but it still doesn’t explain how someone who is so very Christian can have an abortion (and not for medical reasons).

Luckily, the tweeter is taking it all in stride.

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.