Teen’s Viral Twitter Thread Drops Some Hard Truths On Stubborn Anti-Vaxxers

What is it with people refusing to vaccinate their children in this modern day and age? People have concerns, yes, but it seems like a lot of them refuse to listen to doctors and scientists and instead trust weird stuff they read on the internet, much of it not even related to any actual studies. Not vaccinating your children is dangerous, period. The diseases they or other kids who can’t get vaccines (like those with immune system deficiencies) can contract are serious and sometimes fatal. And all of this could be avoided if parents would just listen to the experts and vaccinate their children.

Recent high school graduate and Twitter user Taylor Sharp recently wrote a whole thread on Twitter, laying out the facts about vaccines and illustrating the problems with main anti-vaxxer arguments (like autism). And to keep it interesting to those who might otherwise be bored, she added cute gifs to emphasize her points.

She starts by listing the diseases that are completely preventable through the use of vaccines.

It’s the opposite of progress — it’s like we’re actually moving backward.

There are kids who actually can’t get vaccinated, and it’s important for the rest of the population to be vaccinated so they can’t pass diseases to the ones who are unprotected.

She succinctly explains the concept of “herd immunity.”

She addresses people’s worry over what they consider to be harmful ingredients in vaccines.

Even after all her facts, statistics, and citations, anti-vaxxers still wanted to argue with her.

At least one Twitter user remained skeptical about the claim that vaccines aren’t linked to autism in children.

Another person claimed that Sharp couldn’t possibly be an expert on the safety of vaccines since she had only just graduated high school.

Yet another disputed the findings Sharp incorporated into her tweets.

Someone else posted a tweet saying that vaccines don’t actually work. Hmm.

And still more people doubted the veracity of research, claiming that vaccines actually kill children and chastising a student for thinking she knows more than “the experts.”

One person even called Sharp “brainwashed.”

But for every anti-vaxxer who responded to the thread negatively, a bunch more praised Sharp for putting this crucial information out there.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.