Viral Video Shows Right-Wing Agitator Getting Egged After Anti-LGBT Tirade

Call it the runny yolk of justice.

From Richard Spencer to this guy there’s a bizarre Venn diagram of dandies and white nationalists…Hipster Hitlers who seem to enjoy both racist ideology and fitted suits.

I don’t know how this peacock came to be preening in a public place in New York City spoiling for a debate but spoil he did and was quickly confronted by onlookers who challenged his facts and then smeared him with egg.

His flag appears to show an eagle and that’s definitely a goddamn swastika dangling from his neck as he paces back and forth like a bored college professor spouting a mix of bigoted verbiage about homosexuality and “transgenderism” which he appears to argue is a threat to children. He then interrogates the English guy arguing with him about race and what neighborhood he lives in.

The right wing flag-bearer also talks about gay people and AIDs before spouting statistics about suicide rates among transgender people as though it supports his argument that they suffer from a “chemical imbalance” and isn’t evidence of his type of bigotry.

That’s when the silent eggsassian makes his move.

As we learned from the Islamophobic politician who was valiantly splattered by the Australian superhero known as Egg Boy bigots tend to get all runny in this day and age, an especially painful punishment for a manicured dandy like this guy.



h/t: Indy100