‘Walmart Wendy’ Calls Cops Because Man Looks ‘Illegal’

Call her Parking Lot Pam or Walmart Wendy… no matter how you slice it this sort of behavior is vile.

A video is going viral of a California woman calling the authorities from a Walmart parking lot on a man and saying “he looks illegal.”

The altercation appears to have begun as a parking dispute before the woman decided to call the police because she believed the man to be an illegal immigrant. In the video the woman says the man is “speaking broken English” and when told that that’s racist responds with “it’s not racist,” “this guy’s from Mexico,” and “my dad is black.”

The woman appears to have demanded the man’s papers, at one point saying “Do you have a Green card? Are you legit? That’s all I’m asking” on the video while on the phone with the police.

Now we have to be careful with viral videos as they have been proven to be misleading in the past but by all appearances, and in the woman’s own words, this is an act of profiling and anti-immigrant harassment caught on film.

Needless to say people had no time for her anti-immigrant bullsh*t.