Warren Announces Presidential Run, Slams Trump For Corruption

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren formally announced her candidacy for President on Saturday at a rally in Lawrence, MA in which she slammed the Trump administration as “the most corrupt in living memory.”

Warren emphasized that corruption was at the root of America’s political problems, saying:

“Even after Trump is gone it wont do just to do a better job of running a broken system.”

And adding:

“We need to take power in Washington away from the wealthy and the well-connected and put it back in the hands of the people where it belongs.”

Warren also pledged not to take any PAC, lobbyist, or Super PAC money in the course of her campaign and challenged her fellow candidates to do the same.

The response online was positive with commenters praising Warren’s practical, no-nonsense approach and anti-corruption message.


Of course not EVERYONE was enthusiastic about Warren’s run…