Watch The Governor Of New Mexico Run Through Walls To Defy Trump

Buried underneath all of the other news about the State of the Union address on Tuesday was a delightful and hilarious political ad released on the same night by the new governor of New Mexico. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat who soundly beat Republican Steve Pearce on Election Day 2018, posted the ad on her Twitter account an appropriate caption: “All of this talk about walls tonight…”

The video depicts Governor Grisham literally smashing through walls for infrastructure repair, apprenticeships and skills training, and investment in education and small businesses.

If the metaphor didn’t quite get through your head yet, Grisham finished the ad by yelling “this is what I think of Trump’s wall” and smashing through an elementary school classroom’s wall with a poster of Trump hanging on it. She blasts right through that poster as the children look on in awe.

There are a few reasons why this ad is peak comedy. The way she runs alone is funny, but it becomes funnier when you realize that the reason why she runs that way is a combination of her high heels and knee-high suit skirt, which she is basically obligated to wear because of sexism, and also very likely because it takes quite a bit of momentum to even break through prop walls. You can practically feel the determination as she shuffle-sprints directly into that wall.

Will it hurt a little bit? Will she get her clothes and hair all dusty from it? Absolutely. But she has a point to make about how walls suck and she is going to crash through multiple walls for it. Then there’s the contrast between crashing through a wall and stopping to talk about topics like infrastructure and small business, all leading up to a distinctly angry “this is what I think of Trump’s wall!”

And she doesn’t stop. She smashes through that last wall and keeps running. Where is she going? Nobody knows but Michelle Lujan Grisham, 32nd Governor of New Mexico.

This is all said with love, because it takes considerable dedication to smash through a series of walls, and who knows how many takes she went through to get it perfect, and ending by Juggernauting right through an image of the President.

There’s only one phrase we use to describe someone like that.

Despite getting a bit lost in the SOTU news, some conservatives did notice the anti-wall ad, and they’re perhaps feeling a bit threatened. It’s understandable.

The governor? Should stop playing politics? Um?

Aside from a few sour-grapes-eaters, people are loving the ad.

If Grisham had put this out on a slow news day, there is a 100% chance that this ad would have launched many memes by now.