Watch Mitch McConnell Fall Down And Laugh And Laugh And Laugh

Normally, you should not laugh at elderly people tripping and falling down. But this is Mitch McConnell we’re talking about, and you’re going to find it and laugh at it eventually, so here you go. Turn the sound up.

Standing up for America. Classic.

There’s also a perfect visual metaphor going on here. The #TeamMitch sign really sells it. Plus, the turtle joke potential is almost limitless.

Predictably, Republicans are super upset that anyone made fun of their chief obstructor for falling down and needed four people to help him get back up again. There are no limits to how low they can go when attacking Democrats and anybody who complains is a fragile snowflake who hates free speech or whatever, but putting circus music over a video of Mitch tripping and not hurting himself? Unacceptable!

Oh, so suddenly we care about people with disabilities and the ravages of polio? Catering to anti-vaxxers is fine, constantly running on platforms of cutting any and all support for people with disabilities is great, but Mitch gets caught falling down and suddenly he’s disabled and anybody who laughs is the devil?

Adam Parkhomenko isn’t buying it.

Mitch McConnell has not publicly identified himself as being disabled, and by all accounts, it sounds like his polio-related paralysis was corrected by physical therapy. What he has done is refused to meet with the disability charities that helped fund his physical therapy and had disabled protesters arrested and physically dragged from outside of his office who were there because of the Republican bill that would have made deep cuts to Medicaid, which almost certainly would have killed disabled people.

Honestly, this would be a non-story if Republicans would stop being giant hypocrites and/or if Mitch would stop trying to kill disabled people by taking away their only possible source of income, not to mention his constant efforts to gut Obamacare and replace it with *mumble mumble cough*. Because we all know that if Mitch really does have a problem with his leg, he’ll get the best care available. He can afford it with his blood money. The rest of us can go ahead and catch polio and go bankrupt trying to afford physical therapy that health insurance companies hate covering.

Also, he still supports Donald Trump, who straight up mocked a person’s disability.

In conclusion, don’t feel bad for Mitch. Laugh away. He’ll have bigger problems when November 2020 rolls around.

If you still feel a little bad for laughing, you can alleviate that with a donation to ADAPT, the disability rights group that organized the protests outside of McConnell’s office. Then go ahead and watch it again.