Wealthy Christian Tax Cheats Claim Taxes Are ‘Against God’s Will’

The handy thing about being a religious zealot is that you can use your allegedly God-given ideology to justify nearly any behavior.

Such was the case with Fanny Alida Beerepoot and Rembertus Cornelis Beerepoot, Australian siblings, missionaries, and tax-dodgers who reside in Tasmania.

The Beerepoorts have been ordered to pay some $2 million Australian dollars after each failing to pay over $900,000 in taxes in 2017.

Mr. Beereport had told the court only God had the right to tax him saying:

“We believe that the constitution affirms the fact that the Commonwealth resides within the jurisdiction of the law of the Almighty God and the law of the Almighty God is the supreme law of this land[…]”

He also made the outlandish claim that forcing God-fearing Australians to pay taxes was resulting in curses upon the land including “drought” and “infertility” saying:

“As we move outside of God’s jurisdiction, this country has received curses which we’re already seeing in the form of droughts and infertility”


“Transferring our allegiance from God to the Commonwealth would mean rebelling against God and therefore breaking the first commandment.”

“As we reject God, the curses upon us become greater, but if we return to God’s teachings there will be healing,”

To review: the Beereports are claiming that asking them to pay their fair share of taxes will result in Biblical plagues and curses upon the land. Dang, these folks really don’t want to pay their taxes.

According to ABC News the presiding judge in the case, showing a frankly unnecessary amount of patience, told the tax-evaders that there were no specific Bible passages that supported their claims (though I’m not sure why that would matter) and ordered them to pay $2.3 million Australian dollars, or roughly $1.6 million U.S. dollars, to settle their debt to the rest of society.