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Woman Slams Newlyweds For Being Charged $125 To Attend ‘Raggedy’ Wedding That Served Hot Dogs, Then Ran Out Of Food

Wedding drama is the best drama, because it has everything: booze, family, and enormous amounts of money changing hands. Truly, a recipe for either the best day of your life or a total disaster.

There are many private and public Facebook groups dedicated to wedding hubris, and this story comes from “that’s it, I’m wedding shaming,” via The Daily Mail. They screenshot a story offered up by a woman who claimed that she was charged to attend a wedding. That’s right—not only did she owe a gift, a fancy outfit, and a journey to this couple’s big day, she had to pay an entry fee.

The price was $125 per person, so she and her husband paid $250. Now, weddings are expensive, and not everyone can afford to host all of their friends under one roof for the night. Charging money is still tacky as hell. If you can’t afford a big wedding, have a small one. And if you do charge, it better be a freaking blow out.

Readers… it was not.


The anonymous complainer wrote that the food situation was terrible. Appetizers ran out, which might have been a good thing, because they were mostly sliced up hot dogs.

“The only thing they didn’t run out of that I was able to eat was from the cheese and grapes platter. Furthermore, our table was the only one with no party favors since they also ran out of those,” she wrote.

“And the main course that they claim was salmon was really suspect looking and cold to the touch so I decided to pass. The only saving grace was the open bar, but I was on some medication and couldn’t drink anyway. So I had the most expensive Pepsi known to man: 2 for $125.”

The offending hot dogs. Facebook

Why on earth did she go? She says she’d already committed to attending when she found out about the fee. That wouldn’t be enough to keep me from changing my RSVP, but some people are just good friends.

She does joke that she considered wearing a white dress to the event, since she was paying for the wedding. She did not, which shows incredible restraint. However, the commenters did not admire her for going and enjoying those Pepsis:

One commenter wrote, “You don’t have to go just because you said you would, before knowing you had to pay. Completely shameworthy on the couple’s part, but I don’t really feel sympathy since you decided to go ahead and pay to witness this train wreck.”

I don’t know if the original poster was really asking for sympathy. It was much more like, “Can you believe this sh*t?”

No. For $125, I better can an entire hot dog.