People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things Their Families Do That They Used To Think Were Normal In Cursed Viral Thread

We’re all raised differently. This is something that we don’t realize until we’re old enough to visit our friends’ houses and learn that maybe not every family owns a poop knife, or is forced to take their shoes off inside (kids of foreign parents, you know what I’m talking about).

Most of you are familiar with that mind-blowing sensation—that things can and are done very differently depending on the household. So when u/i-had-no-good-ideas asked the Reddit community, “What is the weirdest thing your family does that you’ve always thought was normal? How did you find out it was weird?” it was beyond a pleasure to read.


We had a communal underwear drawer until I was in high school. Apparently not common?—inflatedPastry


when we had dinner, if you took a bite that was too hot (temperature wise), the rest of the family would blow in your mouth until it cooled off. to this day my brothers and i wonder why our parents let us do this—ernielover125


A friend of mine’s family eats corn on the cob for dessert. He had no idea that no one else in our group did that for years.—DrBublinksi


Growing up my parents would always give each other two cards for birthdays and anniversaries. One would be a comedy card and one is a love card. Thought that was how it just was.—Schmabadoop


Anytime we would get fast food, we would put all of our fries together in a big mound to share. Sort of like communal fries. Was over at a friend’s house and they bought us fast food. Once we got home I went to put my fries in a plate and put them in the middle of the table…lots of strange looks.—mndaver24


My dad puts ice cream in a cup and pours milk in it and eats it like that. Most people eat it out of a bowl but that seems so weird to me. I can’t eat ice cream without any milk in it—_JackieBoy_


My dad used to walk around the house naked in the mornings. You’d just be in the kitchen eating your Fruity Pebbles and minding your own business and then his Captain Crunch Berries would be in your face.

I found out it was weird years later when I saw it on Malcolm in the Middle. And also, when no one else I’ve ever known has done this.—amithrowanawayforgood


We always had a single hard-boiled egg on our plate whenever we had spaghetti.—puckmonky


My whole family talks about poop 30mins exactly in to any family dinner. It’s been happening my whole life. My dad also used to whip out his bare ass at everyone. He once put it on the dinner table and my mom spanked it while I was eating. I think that’s when I realised something was off.—RagingFileShut


We always ate pineapple slices on our hamburgers- every time- all of us It was like putting ketchup on for most people, when I ate burgers at other people’s houses I would be like, where’s the pineapple in the same way people would ask for lettuce or mayo—Brownale78


We never had birthday parties. Birthdays were observed, but there were never parties. I got toys, some good food, but no one was invited ever.

My father told me it was a family tradition. Many years later, when I realized that absolutely everyone I knew did in fact have birthday parties, I looked into the matter more closely and found that an ancestor had apparently died after his birthday party, and since then all parties were forbidden in the family.—RuinEleint


Didn’t know this was weird until college, but my family would often drink milk with dinner. Like we’d go through about 3-4 gallons of milk a week. I thought that was normal (what else do you do with milk) and apparently everyone thought that was too much milk.—ceedubs2


For Halloween, instead of trick or treating, my parents made us go around to different doors in our basement and answer bible questions to receive candy.—MinuteMythology


I vividly remember my great grandmother fed me coffee as a baby (2 years old minimum), I just thought everyone drank coffee as a baby.

Then I moved to the states and saw kids drink a coke and go berserk. I never understood what “caffeine” did to kids since I already had a good tolerance to say the least.—Saucygore


My dad’s meat loaf recipe. He had a plastic bundt cake pan. He would mix mix the meat, bread crumbs, seasonings and such in it, and top it with some spaghetti sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Once everything was mixed and topped, he would microwave it for 25 minutes and dinner was served.—theberge55


Apparently peanut butter and syrup on my pancakes. Everyone looks at me like I’m a freak—Sir_Tachanka


We have always had cats. We have several “cat songs”. Some are just songs that we have changed the words to include our cats names, but others completely made up on the fly. We can still remember and sing the cat songs of our pets that have long since passed.—BroffaloSoldier



In my family, we finished the chicken to the bone. No meat, no gristle, nothing left. If you did not finish it, someone, usually my Mum, would finish it for you.

Flash forward to University. We have chicken in the cafeteria. One of my housemates did not clean a chicken wing, so I casually reach over and take it to finish it off, without interrupting the conversation.

After a minute I realized that everyone was staring at me.


With someone else’s chicken bone hanging out of my mouth.—KnicholasG


Using “ancient medicine” (drugs) I always knew it was odd that my 50+ yo aunts like getting high so much—CherryPokyJuice


Apparently dipping buttered toast in hot chocolate is weird, my family always did it and would eat it for breakfast and stuff but when I told my friends about it they said they have never heard of anyone doing that.—Spoonbender90


My parents put certain foods (hot dogs, toast, etc) on paper towels instead of plates. Obviously things like pasta or rice would go on plates, but anything that didn’t ~require~ a plate went on a paper towel.

I grew up thinking this was normal. Until I served a sausage in a bun to a boyfriend on a paper towel and he looked at me like I had three heads.

Turns out my parents just really hate to wash dishes, so they destroy the planet by wasting paper and buying plastic cups instead. Real dishware only comes out on special occasions.—CrispyCracklin


Walk after every dinner. Rain or shine. Found out years later neighbors thought we were weird.—designgoddess


For some reason, my family will all peer into a persons mouth when they yawn. No idea why we do this or when it started, but yeah, figured out it wasn’t normal pretty quickly.—georgia-jpeg


Not me or my family but two friends of mine who are parents suck the snot and boogers out of their kid’s noses with their mouth instead of using tissue to have them blow it out. They then go spit it out in the trash or sink afterwards. I gagged like a mother fucker the first time I witnessed it.—spooky_squid75


My grandmother always thought that the hand sign for “I love you” was the middle finger straight up, as if you were flippin’ the bird. When she would send my dad/his sisters out of the house for the day, she’d Innocently flip them the bird while yelling that she loved them and to be home in time for dinner.

Now, out of tradition, my family always flips the bird to each other to say goodbye. It gets strange looks at the airport and likes when a group of 15 people all starting flipping each other off as a goodbye.—Orisno