People Are Trying To Guess Which Three Words Are The Biggest Turn On And Wow, Y’all Are Weirdos

Everyone on Twitter is currently trying to guess which “three little words” are the sexiest, and it has been both a harrowing and a hilarious journey — so buckle up.

It all started when the New York Post shared an article entitled “These three little words are a big turn-on (Hint: It’s not ‘I love you’).”

The article discussed a recent survey detailing which behaviors over 2,000 Americans prefer in bed. And while the article is marginally interesting (although not surprising for anybody, I hope?), I think we can all agree the headline is a tad clickbait-y.

Which is, perhaps, why no one could resist the easy opportunity for jokes and shenanigans.

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, Twitter had SUGGESTIONS GALORE.

They were all over the place. And a lot of them were pizza-related?

I dunno. I think it’s clear from these guesses that sexuality is indeed a spectrum.

Although I gotta say, out of all of these, this guess might be the sexiest:

No, wait. On second thought, this is the winner:

(Other contenders — from me — include: “Here’s my saxophone,” “Reception to follow” and “Where’s the beef?”)

The actual answer, according to the New York Post?

It’s when your partner says “I like that” in bed.

Which makes sense, I guess.

Still. Good guesses, everybody. Y’all stay weird.