White Guy Tries To Mansplain MLK’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech To MLK’s Own Daughter

It’s hard to imagine the gall it takes to explain Martin Luther King Jr. to his own daughter, but a handful of white guys on Twitter recently attempted to do just that.

It all began when comedian Josh Denny met with some serious Twitter backlash when he claimed that “straight, white male” is the new “N-word.” (A claim which preposterously and conveniently ignores the country’s history of white male privilege.)

Denny dug into his claims, asserting that the term was now used as a way to shut down a person’s opinions based on their “label” — which, Denny says, is a kind of “racism.”

He then invoked the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. to validate his point.

Denny’s assertion was quickly shut down when MLK’s own daughter, Bernice King, chimed in to remind Denny that there is actually a very distinct difference between the racism her father fought against and the perceived oppression currently being experienced by “straight, white males.”

While King’s comments pretty much shut down Denny’s misguided argument, white dudes simply couldn’t leave it alone.

Lucian B. Wintrich, NYC Bureau Chief for the far-right, pro-Trump site The Gateway Pundit, chimed in and attempted to mansplain Dr. King’s message to his own daughter.

It’s hard to imagine anything more dense, obtuse and privileged than a white dude explaining MLK’s message to his own offspring — and Twitter agreed.

Bernice kept it classy and advised to Lucian to study up before he further embarrassed himself.

That’s the thing about these arguments often touted by far-right white dudes — in attempting to prove their point, they tend to inadvertently prove the exact opposite.