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White Man Caught On Video Attacking Black Female Cashier At McDonald’s

Well, 2019 is already up to some bullsh*t. A violent white man was caught on video attacking a black female cashier at a McDonald’s in St. Petersberg, Florida.

The disturbing footage shows the man suddenly lunging over the counter and grabbing the woman with whom he’d just been presumably arguing.

On Tuesday, in a tweet that went viral, Qasim Rashid (an American Muslim, Islamic educator, and podcast host, according to his Twitter bio) asked McDonald’s why the McDonald’s manager doesn’t do more to help the woman, and why it doesn’t appear that the authorities were called. He also asked someone to identify the white guy.

Rashid responded to his tweet with some more information today. The man’s name is reportedly Daniel Taylor and according to Rashid, he was arrested.

Rashid also included the statistic that men murder 1600 women a year in America. He wrote that in these cases, just like in the video, a “violent man attacks [a] woman” while other “men watch and do nothing to stop him.”


In another tweet, Rashid wrote:

“Here’s America’s racism & misogyny problem in a nutshell: 2 Black men walk into a Starbucks—mind their own business; Manager calls the Cops ASAP. White man attacks a Black woman in McDonalds; 4 men watch & do nothing, manager still takes his order, doesn’t call Cops, he walks.”

People on Twitter had understandably strong responses to the video.

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There’s no information yet on the victim of the attack or on how McDonald’s plans to respond, but we’ll update this post with anything new as we learn it.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.