These Two White Women Attacked Their Hispanic Neighbors And Called The Police On Themselves

It seems like not a day goes by that another white person gets caught on film doing something racist and/or calling the police to back them up when they don’t get their way. Hell, this isn’t even the first racist attack by someone’s neighbor that we’ve heard about this week. As Donald Trump continues to inflame racial tensions, preach the gospel of white supremacy, and give aid and comfort to those who practice it we can expect more stories like this.

Carlos Ruiz, A Hispanic man who lives in the Denver suburb of Commerce City, Colorado recently had a run-in with two violent and apparently drunk or drugged white neighbors who attacked his family. He recorded video of the altercation:

“When you see your mother getting beat up by 2 young girls and you can’t do anything about it because you will get in trouble if you touch them, it makes you feel powerless, 2 see them pulling on her hair while they scream racist comments!! Makes your blood boil!!!!” Ruiz wrote in a Facebook post detailing the incident.

It started with the same envy and racial grievance that Trump so expertly stokes at his rallies:

“Long story short my mom was at the neighbors house asking how much it would be 2 have some carpet installed in her house, when these 2 girls started screaming from across the street racist things, saying how TF do Mexicans have money 2 own the houses we do and have the cars we do, saying stuff like leave our country!!

Obviously, SOMEHOW these two white women have gotten the idea that 1) Hispanic people deserve to be treated like garbage, 2) that Hispanic people living in the United States don’t belong here, and 3) that Hispanic people who own property or vehicles or are otherwise not struggling don’t “deserve it.”

The idea that Hispanic people—including those who migrate to the United States either legally or illegally—don’t deserve the better life they worked for is pernicious, racist, and factually plain wrong.

The two white women were so hopped up on racist rage they attacked Ruiz’s mother and sister:

“That’s when my mom started walking back to our house and these girls ran up 2 her and started punching her and pulling on her hair! My sister came out of the house and helped get these girls off my mom, so then they both started hitting my sister, I tried helping her and so did my brother in law but she just told us not 2 touch these girls because we could get in trouble, so we stayed back and recorded and took pictures for evidence.”

What’s more, the two women seem pretty aware of the way the police function for so many white people: As a personal guard that will protect white interests and punish people of color. After they threaten to call the police they can be heard screaming “Who do you think they’re gonna believe?”

Later one of the women, who apparently believes in the same backward ideas of racial hierarchy as Donald Trump and his administration yells, “Look at yourself! Compared to me, who are you? Who are you to us?” That, my friends, is “white supremacy.”

The cops did eventually show up and an officer told the two women to go back inside their house. “This is not looking good for you, let me just tell you that right now,” he can be heard saying. Of course, this didn’t deter the two angry white women who kept yelling insults. Thankfully, the cops arrested them and charged both women with a bias-motivated assault.

Ruiz concluded his Facebook post by calling out President Trump, who’s played such an outsized role in making racists feel comfortable violently expressing themselves:

“We aren’t here to harm anyone! Just live a life like everyone else! This is the type of stuff we have 2 deal with for wanting a better life! People think racism is a joke, Yea it’s nice to give out your opinion when you don’t go through this type of stuff! It’s 2018 and this is the stuff our president promotes!!”

Just another day in Donald Trump’s America, but at least one that could have had a different—and much worse—ending.