Woman Asks High School Friends She Hasn’t Spoken To In Years To Help Fund Her Wedding

Social media is the perfect way for people from your childhood to keep in touch with you for the absolute worst reasons. If you have Facebook, more likely than not a high school “acquaintance” has reached out to you and tried to get you to partake in a pyramid scheme—it’s the worst.

But, it seems that some people from high school are trolling social media for even more cringe-worthy reasons.

Reddit user u/hxmzxi shared the story on the Reddit thread “r/ChoosingBeggars” after finding it on a wedding shaming Facebook page. According to the story, a girl that the Facebook user went to high school with reached out to her and a few of the other girls from the “old group” that used to hang out trying to make plans. But, it was about way more than just catching up.


While this is incredibly stingy and gross, it turns out it’s not that farfetched for people to beg for money to help finance their weddings.

My boyfriend used to be good friend with a guy, who was always a bum. They’d go out and he’d ask my boyfriend to pay for everything. Like a little kid asking mommy for money. Anyways some years passed and they drifted. The guy ended up getting engaged. My boyfriend surprisingly didn’t get an invite. They are friends on fb so he saw the whole wedding planning come together. So a few weeks before the wedding he was never invited to the guy messages my bf asking him if he would like to come along for the bachelor party which was going to be a party bus going to a major city with a lot of bars. My boyfriend said ok assuming the guy couldn’t afford to invite a bunch of guest to his wedding, and as old friends he’d celebrate where he could with him. The guy added him to a fb group chat for the bachelor party. My bf scrolled up and saw this asshole in the group chat saying he was going to invite more people with money so itd be cheaper for him and his groomsmen. Fucking douche, needless to say my boyfriend didn’t attend fonehome769

Other people said that a big wedding isn’t everything.

I’m at the age now where 10000 seems more than reasonable. As long as you have a place to feed your friends and family who have taken time out of their busy lives to watch you get married. What else more can you want? When I was young, I wanted a big wedding too. Now just seems wasteful. Wackydetective

And, others just straight up trolled her.

Me: gosh darn I really wish I could have that big 10,000 wedding but I just can’t afford it

Her: I hAVe To HaVe A bIg WeDdInG SafflowerGold


If you’re getting married for the event and not the partnership, marriage isn’t for you. –TheHunterZolomon

So, while you’re bothered with your old buddies hitting you up to join Herbalife, it could be worse—you could be getting hit up to pay for someone else’s wedding.