Woman Who Threatened To Kill Hispanic Neighbors In Viral Video Says She’s Not Sorry

Miguel Rios and Luvia Roman live in Indiana next door to a woman who they claim has harassed them repeatedly, including threatening to kill them. The woman has reportedly gone as far as calling the health department, narcotics, and child protective services to their home for no reason other than to cause problems for them. Yeah, not really an ideal situation. 

Speaking to Newsweek, Roman said that she believes the woman, 67-year-old Vicki New, is trying to get them to move because they’re Hispanic. Roman posted a video on Facebook of New pulling “no trespassing” signs out of her lawn, snapping them over her knee, and then throwing the pieces at them.

In the video, New can be heard saying to them, “Touch me, I’ll kill you.”

Roman said that the signs were put up in New’s yard after disputes over property lines in the past. She agreed to have them placed there by a police officer, but on Friday night she threw the signs into Rios and Roman’s driveway. Rios placed them back in New’s yard on Sunday, and that’s when the incident caught on tape occurred.

Corey Banks, a man who lives across the street and who saw the whole thing go down, said that New has called him the N-word several times. Another neighbor said that New has harassed other minority families, causing one family to break their lease and move because she made their lives “unbearable.”

It’s gotten so bad that Rios says he’s now afraid for his and his family’s lives. The couple has thought about pressing charges, but police say there’s not a lot they can do unless they catch the woman in the act, which hasn’t yet happened.

The couple says they’ve considered moving, but that’s just not feasible right now. On the upside, Roman said that they’ve got the neighborhood on their side—even neighbors they’d never met have stopped by to offer support and to encourage the couple to stay. It seems everyone would like to see something done to fix the situation.

Matthew McClellan with News 6ABC spoke off-camera with New, who said she won’t apologize, and that the video is “one-sided.” She also mentioned that she’s moving, which is probably for the best because the Homeowners Association is looking into legal options of how to deal with her.

h/t Newsweek