Woman Banned From Walmart For Drinking Wine Out Of A Pringles Can

There are so many villains out there that it’s nice to finally have a hero.

The police department in Wichita Falls, Texas received a call bright and early one recent morning complaining that a woman had been tooling around the parking lot of the local Walmart in an electric shopping cart while drinking wine out of a Pringles can.


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This devil-may-care behavior had apparently been going on since at least 6:30 AM according to the Times Record:

The woman was reportedly riding on an electric shopping cart more commonly used for people with physical limitations. Officers were also told she was drinking wine from a Pringle’s can.

While her choice of beverage container may have been unorthodox it seems like a victimless crime if it is indeed a crime at all. Nevertheless the local hero was located at a nearby restaurant around 9 AM and informed that she had been banned from the Walmart for her antics.

Honestly this is far from being the worst thing that’s happened at a Walmart.

The internet didn’t see the issue.

People identified strongly with the Pringles swigger. Some even claimed to BE her.

Clearly the real villain here is whoever narced on her.

The anonymous woman may have been banned from the Walmart but she has won hearts and minds everywhere.

Whoever you are, we raise our Pringles can to you.

Was that wrong?