Woman Brutally Turns Down Job Offer After CEO Bullied Her During Interview

Going on a job interview can be an incredibly stressful and anxiety-triggering situation. For many people, we need a job to survive. Therefore, when you find a position that is “perfect” for you, you get extra nervous, hoping you ace the interview. But, what do you do when a potential boss completely bullies and belittles you during your interview process? Honestly, I’d have no idea how to react. Olivia Bland, a marketing professional from Manchester, England, however, knew exactly how to handle herself when this recently happened to her during an interview.

Bland shared on Twitter that she received a job offer from a company, after she had a horrible interview with the company’s CEO. She shared on Twitter:

Yesterday morning I had a job interview for a position at a company called Web Applications UK. After a brutal 2 hour interview, in which the CEO Craig Dean tore both me and my writing to shreds (and called me an underachiever), I was offered the job. This was my response today.

Her response, however, was one that was well put together and well thought out. Bland declined the job offer, and explained in grave detail how humiliating and uncomfortable it was for her to sit in an interview where the CEO tore apart “her and her writing entirely.”

She also said she understands that by sending this email and declining the offer, she fell into the CEO’s “test” trap that he was clearly trying to present.

Bland also said that the way in which the CEO spoke to her reminded her far too much of the abusive relationship that she recently got out of. She believes that taking the job will be traumatic for her. Additionally, she added that she is not the only one who feels this way—as there are many other reviews online that say similar things.

After her tweet went viral, the company’s board of directors issued a response to the claims that their CEO was conducting himself inappropriately during the interview process. However, Bland was not interested in their excuses, stating:

Excuse me but this isn’t good enough. I haven’t even received a direct apology from your company. Fix up.

Many on Twitter applauded Bland for standing up for herself, and countless others, and sticking to her guns.