Woman Calls Police On Black Family Having A BBQ In The Park, Then Claims She Was Harassed By Them

The Internet is dragging a California woman who decided it was a good idea to call the cops on a family BBQing in the park.

According to reports, the situation took place in Oakland, California at Lake Merritt. Videos show a white woman calling police after she spotted a black family having a BBQ in the park–as many other families do. The woman claimed that “it’s illegal to have a charcoal grill in that park.”

A bystander decided to record the entire incident, saying she “checked the map” and it wasn’t illegal to have the grill in that area. However, the woman decided to call authorities anyway.

The woman continues to wait for the police to come, regardless of how the family had been cordial–even though they were being targeted for…well…clearly one reason.

During the video, the woman appears to “grab and steal” a card that the videographer has in her hand. The woman decides to leave the park, and the videographer followed her–asking for her card back. The woman then called the police again–saying she was being harassed by the people in the park–specifically, the black people.

Twitter, of course, began dragging this woman–who was basically being a racist.