Woman Gets Math Lesson After Posting That $5 Million Is Halfway To The $1 Billion Border Wall Goal

A woman on Twitter calling herself “Deplorable Diane” (accurate) was caught posting a tweet that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Trump supporters everywhere. She has since deleted the tweet, but you can’t hide from the internet.

For those of you keeping score, a billion is a thousand million, not ten million. It’s understandable, however, as most people are unable to conceive of a billion anything. If you need to understand how much a billion really is, this tweet by self-described “skeptical tech nerd” Paul Franz might help:

If it’s difficult for the average person to comprehend, imagine how hard it must be for the average Trump supporter?

What really makes this story is Diane’s response to the entirety of Twitter dragging her.

Apparently, Diane either thinks that anyone who doesn’t support Trump or anyone who knows anything about numbers must be a robot. Then again, there’s a lot of crossover between those two groups. But if there are really that many bot accounts on Twitter, the platform has a serious problem that nobody (except Deplorable Diane) could have foreseen.

As of today, the GoFundMe for the border wall has raised over $16 million. If the campaign isn’t deleted for being run by a man who is responsible for several past fraudulent fundraising campaigns, they only have $984 million to go. Meanwhile, 40 million people in the U.S. are food insecure, including 12 million children. Merry Christmas.

Needless to say, Twitter users took out some of their frustrations about a Christmastime government shutdown over the wall’s funding out on Diane.

Meanwhile, Diane is too busy reblogging antisemitic conspiracy theories and posts with that creepy alt-right frog thing to actually learn anything about math. She appears to think that her problem is not about basic numbers, but hitting the wrong keys on the keyboard.

Math is a liberal conspiracy.