Zoo Will Not Harm Jaguar That Attacked A Woman Taking A Selfie With It

An unfortunate incident happened at an Arizona zoo on Saturday when a visitor was attacked by a jaguar while attempting to snap a photo with the animal.

According to Wildlife World Zoo officials the woman climbed over a safety barrier to get her coveted selfie and got deep lacerations on her arm instead when the animal struck out at her.

While no one should take pleasure in another person’s suffering, because the woman instigated the dangerous situation, most people were firmly on Team Jaguar.

Despite her injuries there wasn’t much sympathy for the woman who crossed the zoo barrier.

People expressed worry that the animal would suffer possibly deadly consequences for the human’s reckless actions.

It strongly recalls the story of Harambe the gorilla who was put down after a child fell into his enclosure and was dragged around by the animal. The good news in this case is that the woman’s injuries weren’t life-threatening and the zoo has confirmed that the jaguar will not be put down or punished for attacking the intruder.

The woman involved in the incident has since apologized to the zoo.

h/t: Bored Panda