Woman Live-Tweets The Pantsless Man On Her Nightmare Flight

Some people love flying. The idea of taking a flight to a new destination for a vacation or a quick trip is exhilarating for people. Others, however, hate the idea of being crammed into a small plane with complete strangers—even if they are going to a beautiful destination. Why should we hate flying with people? Exhibit A—sitting near people who decide that wearing pants on an airplane is totally overrated.

Recently, Lizzie Thompson was headed from France to Los Angeles—which, is pretty much a 10+ hour flight. While any flight can be grueling—international flights are truly something. Not only are you trapped on a plane, but you’re trapped on a plane for hours and hours. Your legs start to go numb, you can’t find a comfortable position in your seat, and you get sick and tired of the movie selections they offer.

It’s even worse when a fellow traveler is wearing no pants. Thompson shared an image saying that the flight attendants on her plane seemed “unconcerned.”

Not only did the passenger remove his pants, but he also removed his socks and was sitting on the plane completely barefoot.

Apparently, not only was this guy looking for extreme comfort—but, he wanted to make some sweet, sweet music on this 10+ hour long flight.

After Thompson began tweeting, people had a lot of questions, so she made sure to fill everyone in.

People had a lot of…thoughts.

But, have no fear everyone—AirFrance informed Thompson that they “forwarded her information to the right people.”

PSA: Keep your f**king pants on.

h/t: Petty Mayonnaise