Woman Receives Threatening Voicemail For Criticizing Trump On Twitter

This is extremely creepy.

Tamara Brock Segal, a Texas-based lawyer, received a voicemail from an unknown number recently admonishing her for her  “hateful Twitter feed” and warning her “to be nicer to the President.” The call ends by saying “Change now, bitch.”

According to Brock Segal, who shared a video of the voicemail, this anonymous person tracked her down after reading her tweets online.

A troll who saw my twitter feed, looked me up on line, tried to call me this morning. When I didn’t answer a 2nd call from “unknown”(which I never do), he left me a threatening message warning me to be nicer to Trump. I’ve reported it &turned msg over to authorities.

The audio is disturbing enough on its own but what’s even creepier is that Brock Segal doesn’t advertise her phone number in her Twitter bio which means that the MAGA creep did some research/stalking to dig up that information in order to call and threaten her for having an opinion.

He then called, not once but twice, leaving his creepy, bullying voicemail after she had ignored his call a second time.

From the sound of it the caller appeared to be using voice-altering software to disguise his voice.

According to Brock Segal she’s not the only one being anonymously harassed for criticizing Trump.

People were not amused by the threatening call and the attempt to silence Brock Segal for her views.

Others reported seeing or receiving similar threats.

While other trolls out there are more old-fashioned and apparently still harass people by sending aggressive religious texts.