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Woman Admits She Refused Her Grandfather A Kidney Because He Was In The KKK

This is a tough one: what would you do if your grandparent needed a kidney, and you were the only match? Donating an entire organ involves major elective surgery, a long recovery, and the possibility that in the future, you’ll have serious health consequences if something goes wrong with your only remaining kidney. It’s not something to take lightly, but if you love somebody, you might be willing to make that sacrifice.

Now imagine your grandparent was a KKK member and pedophile. Makes the choice seem a lot easier, huh?

A person in a Facebook group called “I dream of being this petty” posted a story to basically ask everyone if they’d been a d*ck when they refused their grandfather a kidney when they were 16. That’s a very serious decision to make as a teenager, and they were wondering if they’d gone wrong:


They wrote:

My grandfather died when I was 16 because I refused to give him a kidney. I was the only match. I refused because he was in the Klan and molested children, and I don’t grow kidneys for Klan members and pedos. I registered as a live donor the day he died and I’m donating to a complete stranger next year instead. My boss say I’m a d___.

They’re still donating a kidney to someone? That’s pretty incredible and probably more than most people would do after making that stone cold decision. No one can ever accuse them of not sticking to their beliefs after that.

The response was overwhelmingly supportive. Some people said she was saving it for someone who actually deserved help, and that’s the best thing anyone can do:


Others pointed out that an organ is not something anyone should feel obligated to give away, even in the best of circumstances. It’s an irreplaceable part of your body!


It’s kind of an interesting moral question—who gets to decide if someone lives or dies and on what criteria. It’s doubtful that the poster will get to vet the person who receives her kidney, and they might ultimately be a garbage person, too. Doctors make all sorts of calls about who gets organs based on their life history, and things like addiction or risky behavior.

Ultimately, if the life-saving element in the situation is coming from your body, it makes sense that you get to decide. And KKK members aren’t getting any help from this lady.