Woman Goes Viral With This Response To Republican Congressman’s Roe V Wade Threat

On October 6, Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa celebrated Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court by tweeting a picture of a sleeping baby along with the words, “Soon, babies like this little angel will be protected in the womb by law.” The Republicans have already expressed their desire to repeal Roe vs. Wade, so basically, King just wants us all to know that the government will soon be coming for our abortions.

King got a lot of pushback on his tweet because it’s a bad tweet, and using a baby girl to promote policies that are ultimately hurtful to women is hypocrisy at its finest. But one of the most perfect responses came from a woman on Twitter using the account @brownandbella.

Twitter: brownandbella

In her tweet, she wrote,

And if those little angels are poor you’d let them starve.

If they’re girls, men who abuse them could become SC judges.

If those little angels are black, police can kill them without consequence.

If they’re born in Mexico and they come here, you’ll put em in baby jails.

That’s pretty much the whole situation in a nutshell.

Someone else added another thing Republicans aren’t into—making sure those little angels have insurance.

Tons of people argued back and forth about the tweet in @brownandbella’s Twitter mentions.


It’s amazing how little some of these “pro-lifers” seem to care about the “little angels” once they’re OUT of the womb.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.