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People Are Destroying This Woman For Her Sexist ‘Lesson’ About How To Treat Your Man

It’s one thing to have to hear sexist men spout off about the way women should live their lives, but it’s another to see a woman doing the same thing to other women. Federalist writer Denise McAllister, who was recently let go from her job after writing a homophobic tweet, is under fire for her comments about the way husbands should be treated by their wives.

Writer Denise McAllister recently tweeted an extremely sexist ‘lesson’ about how wives should treat their husbands while they’re watching sports.


To which we say…

And Twitter was beyond pissed that McAllister would enforce such BS gender stereotypes.

American journalist and author Dana Schwartz was one of the many outraged tweeters.


Of course, some people (men) didn’t think it was so bad.

But things took a turn for the worst when HuffPost writer Yashar Ali commented on McAllister’s post.

And McAllister attacked Yashar’s sexuality.

She continued to spit horrifically homophobic words at Yashar and ended up losing her job because of it.

People quickly rushed to Ali’s defense, prompting McAllister’s feeble attempts to defend her own words.

And both of the publications McAllister wrote for, The Federalist and The Daily Wire, told her she was no longer welcome.

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